ICAR is the brainchild of six spirited minds from law schools across India, including NLUD, NALSAR, NLIU, NUJS, and NLUJ. Each of us has had the opportunity to participate in prestigious moot competitions such as William. C. Vis Moot Court, Philip. C. Jessup Moot, Frankfurt Arbitration Moot, and various ADRs including INADR Chicago, Singapore Mediation and NLS NMC and we aim to tap into the knowledge, experience, and network that we have gathered through these experiences to make a sizable contribution to the legal fraternity. Having identified a lack of discourse in international arbitration, we embarked upon this initiative to bridge this deficit. ICAR is not just an avenue to provide legal information on investment and commercial arbitration, but a platform where law students and practitioners all over the world can come together to engage in debate on contemporary developments and its relevance in the world today. With our blog posts from eminent practitioners and students from all over the world, ICAR promises to provide a holistic understanding of investment and commercial arbitration. All of us remain deeply intrigued by this area of law and we seek to provide an inclusive atmosphere for similar minded people to come together and engage in meaningful and constructive discussion. The blog is not only devoted to those who have a keen interest in International Arbitration but also for those who seek to expand their understanding of this subject area. We pride ourselves with the mission to ensure accessibility to information and discussion on the aforementioned areas of law to students and practitioners from all walks of life.